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Capturing the Magic of a Wedding at Split Rock Golf Course in Bronx, NY

Wedding photography is an art that requires not just technical skill, but also a keen eye for capturing the emotions and moments that make a wedding special. And what better place to capture the magic of a wedding than at the beautiful Split Rock Golf Course in Bronx, NY. At the Split Rock Golf Course, the scenery provides a stunning backdrop for photographs, but it is the people and their emotions that truly make the pictures come alive.

Helinda and Carlos are the stars of the show, but it is the family and friends who provide the energy and excitement that make this wedding celebration unforgettable. The guests arrive at the venue, dressed to impress, and ready to celebrate the union of two people in love. The salsa music fills the air, and everyone is on their feet, dancing and laughing together.

The groom surprises the bride with a heartfelt video of musicians with personal messages, and the emotion on her face is priceless. The family and friends gather around the couple, showering them with love and affection. As the night wears on, the dancing continues, and the energy in the room is electric.

In conclusion, capturing the magic of a wedding at Split Rock Golf Course in Bronx, NY, is a true joy for any wedding photographer. The stunning scenery, heartfelt emotions, surprises, and love make it a perfect destination for any wedding celebration. It is a day that the bride, groom, family, and friends will cherish forever, and the photographs will capture the memories and emotions of this special day for years to come.

Photography: FBM Studios

DJ: IG- @RayRayBX

Florist: Evelisa Floral & Design-

Gown: Glamour Couture-

Cake: Conti's Bake Shop-

Venue: Split Rock Golf Course-

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